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Guest Experience
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Guest Experience enables you to invite guests into your workplace.


How do I get my guest link?


Log in and enter the Guest Lobby or the room marked with a star in the upper left corner.


This room is where guests will appear when they use your guest link.


Once in the room, tap the room name to show the dropdown. Select "Copy Guest Link for [your space name]".


This copies it to your clipboard.


This is your own link, tied to your user account, to give to guests. Treat your guest link like you would a physical key to your home or office. Share it privately only with guests you trust.


What is the Guest Experience like?


Test your guest link by opening it in a browser you expect your guest to use. For the best experience, tell your guests to use a fully supported browser such as Chrome on desktop, or the iOS app if on iPad or iPhone. (Note: If a guest does not have the app installed, it will open in Safari.)


A guest will be asked to fill in their full name. The guest will then appear in the Guest Lobby or the room in your space marked with a star in the upper left.


A guest will be badged with a star to indicate guest status. Unlike logged-in employees, guests:


• Cannot move to any other room without being invited by an employee
• Cannot decline an invite; they automatically go to where they've been invited to
• Cannot see the names of any other guests unless in the same room as them
• Cannot lock or unlock a room

• Cannot perform any actions related to room or conversation management


Any logged-in employee has the ability to send a guest back to the Guest Lobby or exit them from the space entirely.


To end the Guest Experience, a guest can simply close their web page (if on browser). In addition, guests have a "Leave" button in the upper right

How will I know a guest has arrived?


When a guest arrives, the host (the employee that generated the guest link) will see a pop up with various options:

• Ok - Tap to dismiss the pop up. (Note: If you are in the Guest Lobby when your guest arrives, this is the only option you'll see.)

• Invite to This Room -  Tap to bring the guest to the room you're in.

• Go to Guest - Go to the Guest Lobby to greet your guest.


Don't leave your guest waiting!


Help! My guest link isn't working or has been shared inappropriately


Email your workplace administrator to contact the LexGo Work support team ASAP.


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